Home cooked pies


Our homemade pies are incredibly popular with our customers. Helen bakes a wide selection of products in store – including a growing range of gluten free items.


Our Pies

Large Pies

Large Steak & Kidney Pie £5.10
Large Steak & Adnams Ale Pie £6.45
Large Steak Pie £6.10
Large Chicken Pie £5.35
Large Chicken & Cranberry Pie £5.25
Large Mince Beef Pie £5.00
Large Sausage & Onion Pie £5.00
Large Pork Pie £3.00 Each

Small Pies

Small Steak & Kidney Pie £2.25
Small Steak & Adnams Ale Pie £2.25
Small Steak Pie £2.25
Small Chicken Pie £2.25
Small Chicken & Cranberry Pie £2.25
Small Mince Beef Pie £2.00

Other baked products

Sausage Meat Plait £3.50
Large Sausage Rolls £1.40
Small Sausage Rolls 70p
Scotch Eggs £1.25
Quiche £4.99
Cheese Straws 30p or 5 for £1.25
Cheese Scone 45p
Shortcakes 40p